We'll be putting useful videos, links and more here to help you have the best hackathon ever.

The data

Our data wranglers are on the hunt for excellent data sources for you - keep an eye out as we start to list them here.

If you would like a specific dataset (or many), please tell us! We can't promise we can get it for you, but we'll do our best.

Data inventory (Google spreadsheet)

The video

This should be no longer than 3 minutes.

It's not nearly as scary as it sounds, and to help you out we've put together some tips. It's an open document, so if you have anything useful to add, go for it :)

Video presentation tips (Google doc)

The Challengepost project page

GovHackWellington's project page on Challengepost

Amazon Web Services AWS credits

Amazon Web Services will provide $100 in free AWS credits to teams and individuals who wish to use Amazon Web Services resources. Please click here to request and redeem your AWS credits. The credit also includes access to other AWS resources, including:

  • 1 month AWS Support (Business level)
  • “AWS Technical Professional” training
  • “AWS Essentials” training
  • 8 self-paced labs
  • 1:1 Office Hours with AWS Solutions Architects
  • Startup Forum
  • Special “Self-Starter” third-party offers